Sample Projects

An Alaska manufacturer of generator and pump sets used NorthwestTAAC funding to enlarge its market to include exports to Pacific Rim countries.

A Washington electronics company implemented lean manufacturing techniques with the assistance of NorthwestTAAC. As a result, the company was able to avoid purchasing additional equipment and is now getting more operation time from the existing equipment.

An Oregon manufacturer of portable massage tables and massage chairs received NorthwestTAAC funding to develop a turnaround strategy to resolve its marketing, operations and financial challenges.

A Montana wood frame and trophy manufacturer designed new brochures, catalogs and website with the help of NorthwestTAAC.

With NorthwestTAAC's help a Washington ski manufacturer developed an incentive plan that produced significant increases in production and wages.

An Oregon manufacturer of gift items, such as candles, games and party favors, received NorthwestTAAC assistance to develop a marketing plan and website with online shopping. The result of this assistance is more direct retail sales and a website presence for its wholesale accounts.

Based on a market survey funded with help from NorthwestTAAC, a sporting goods manufacturer in Washington repositioned their products in a growing and more profitable market segment.

A truck manufacturer in Montana successfully tested a new axle design with funds provided by NorthwestTAAC.

A wood stove manufacturer in Idaho used NorthwestTAAC funds to help pay for a market survey that allowed them to improve their dealer network.

An Oregon foundry used NWAAC to help shift their market from gray iron castings to higher value stainless castings.

NorthwestTAAC assistance helped a Washington cookware manufacturer conduct market testing for a new pizza pan and other commercial pans.

With NorthwestTAAC's help, a Montana pet product manufacturer designed a new database to manage all vital aspects of the business, including contact management and communications, order entry and shipping fulfillment, purchasing, inventory tracking and management, and product costing and scheduling. One year after implementation of the systems, sales increased by 26 percent. The company has increased its product offerings because of the ease of accounting for bills of materials and inventory, thereby allowing the company to branch out into the rapidly growing natural and organic products market.

NorthwestTAAC helped an Oregon fruit cooperative develop new products for cull pears, providing a higher return from low-value fruit.

A Montana sawmill received NorthwestTAAC funding for engineering services, software development and startup assistance relating to new computerized dry kiln controls. The outcome is shorter dry kiln schedules resulting in more dried lumber and reduced energy consumption. This success resulted in the hiring of 21 new employees and an increase of more than $8 million in sales.

NorthwestTAAC helped an Oregon sawmill develop a market niche for metric lumber for export to Japan.

With the assistance of NorthwestTAAC, an Oregon food processing company has completed the design of new product recipes, marketing research and marketing plans, which has helped the company launch a new brand.

A Montana safflower oil processor used NorthwestTAAC funds to conduct market research and develop a marketing plan to assist its expansion into the organic cosmetics and food products markets. In addition, grant funds were used for plant design, construction permitting assistance and processing plan engineering to retool their plant to meet the demands of these new markets. The plant now has six times the capacity and 39 more employees than it had prior to participation in the NorthwestTAAC program.

helped a Northwest meat packing company shift from low-margin commodity meats into higher-margin deli meats and portion controlled institutional markets.

A Washington potato processor used NorthwestTAAC funding to work with a consultant to identify process and production improvement opportunities.

A Montana timber company designed a fire sprinkler system with NWAAC funds. Installation of the system lowered the company's insurance costs considerably, making them more profitable.

With the help of NorthwestTAAC, an Alaska salmon processor developed a new corporate brand identity, and had product labels and a brochure professionally designed. As a result, they were able to increase sales and broaden the scope of their product lines, increasing catalog and internet sales by 20 percent.

An Alaska fishing family has been able to start direct marketing of their own salmon products using NorthwestTAAC funding. New product labels with nutritional information, a website to support sales direct to consumers and software consultation all helped them to establish their new brand identity.

NorthwestTAAC has assisted a family-owned Alaska salmon fishing business to expand their markets in Alaska and beyond. Their projects included the development of a website to support their sales efforts as well as the design of labels for frozen and canned salmon for the U.S. and export markets.

An Alaska seafood processor used NorthwestTAAC assistance to design its product catalog and new retail packaging, which improved product line sales by 30 percent. The company is attempting a major push into the wholesale arena and will be marketing its smoked salmon in airports and malls throughout the West Coast.

With the help of NorthwestTAAC, an Alaska seafood processor designed a cold storage plant.

NorthwestTAAC funded a website design project to allow an Alaska seafood processor to sell items through its website. During the first month of operation, the website more than doubled the previous December's sales.