Business data required during the TAAF process is treated with the utmost confidentiality. The NorthwestTAAC over 30 years of experience protecting the confidentiality and privacy of its clients. The confidential approach to our work is reinforced in our contract, under Part IV.I.4 of the Scope of Work, which states:

Any information obtained by NorthwestTAAC from an assisted firm, or contained in reports developed by NorthwestTAAC or by NorthwestTAAC consultants and contractors, that concerns or relates to trade secrets, business operations, commercial or financial information, including but not limited to the amount or source of income, profits losses or expenditures of the firm, and which is exempted from public disclosure, shall be considered business confidential. This information is not to be released to anyone, except TAAF and EDA staff directly involved in assisting the firm, or as required for right of examination or evaluation under this award, without prior written authorization from the firm.

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