If you know a client or company that is contending with import competition, NorthwestTAAC may be able to apply a substantial matching fund to projects focused on outside expertise. *Consultants and many other knowledge-based service providers.

The Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms (TAAF) program’s main benefit is a matching fund for outside expertise – up to $75,000 per company. NorthwestTAAC is a private non-profit corporation under contract to the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration.

Participating companies scope the projects and select the service providers (with approval by NorthwestTAAC.) Any competent service provider is eligible to perform projects. NorthwestTAAC does not assign service providers to companies.

All projects are customized for and by the participating companies. See elsewhere on this site for examples and discussion of eligible projects. Other than consulting, some common examples are: website development, internet marketing, quality system registration, and IT systems projects.

Service providers have found value in making referrals or describing the program in their content marketing messaging. Some service providers use TAAF as a means to enable or expand a project at a company that may qualify. Some

Service providers are usually referred to NorthwestTAAC by the participating company. Service providers are contracted by Northwest TAAC on behalf of the participating company.

NorthwestTAAC pays the program’s matching share directly to service providers, invoice by invoice. Participating companies pay the relevant share directly as well, in advance of NorthwestTAAC. No outside or extraordinary approvals are required by NorthwestTAAC to pay invoices.

No pre-qualifying or analysis is required. There are no negative outcomes for companies contacting NorthwestTAAC. Companies do not apply and fail. In nearly all cases, a high probability of qualification can be established in a ten-minute phone conversation. Companies that do not qualify, often value knowing about the program and the option to utilize the program if their qualifying condition changes.

Frequently asked questions about the program

Companies apply for the program independently and directly through NorthwestTAAC. Qualification is based on the company’s recent history and import competition. Any projects under consideration are not part of qualifying. The viability of qualification can be assessed very early on, if not in an initial phone call.

All projects and service providers come to NorthwestTAAC through the participating company. Therefore, NorthwestTAAC does not guarantee that a project planned by a service provider will be carried out, or that a particular service provider will be selected. However, historically, a high percentage of companies referred in relation to a proposed project do end up working in the program with the referring consultant.

NorthwestTAAC does not control the timing of projects or selection of service providers. Timely projects should be engaged as they are needed. Projects that are in progress, may be converted to the matching fund program when the company is eligible to do so. The program’s matching fund benefit is fungible and companies are active in the program for five years. It is highly likely that another potential use of the matching funds will arise.  No company should delay an important project in order to apply matching funds.

When a company is qualified and approved, contracts can be developed and executed in hours or days. Payments follow a similar timeline. However, from the time a company first hears about the TAAF program it can take several months for qualification and approval to occur. Companies do not have to wait to start timely projects. The matching fund is fungible.

NorthwestTAAC is prepared to suggest names of service providers, if requested by companies. These names are drawn from NorthwestTAAC records of past contracted service providers. Historically such suggestions are infrequent – companies have shown a strong preference for developing their preferred solutions and providers.

The TAAF program is available in the entire United States from one of eleven regional offices. NorthwestTAAC serves the states of Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. For contact information on other TAAC offices, visit

Contact NorthwestTAAC regarding engagement with the TAAF program

NorthwestTAAC has many years of experience working with its client base and the many consultants and service providers that serve them. Contact NorthwestTAAC if you would like to learn more about the program or how it might be a beneficial to the companies you work with.

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