How To Qualify

Our staff will work with you at no cost to determine if your company is eligible for Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms grant funding.  All information will be treated as “business confidential.”

Don’t rule yourself out!  If you would like to begin the first step in the qualification process right now, please contact us directly.  Our staff can quickly assess your eligibility.

Please contact us by email or telephone at 206-622-2730 or toll free at 800-667-8087 to get started.

NWTAAC will request the following information as a first step in assessing your company’s eligibility:

  • Monthly net sales (total and domestic) for last 36 months
  • Employee headcount by month for last 36 months
  • If net sales and average employment show at least a 5% decline, NWTAAC can get started with your application.
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