The best manufacturing podcasts for summer listening

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August is when many of us are flying, driving, or enjoying the summer weather at home. Wherever your vacation (or staycation) is, we wanted to share some of our favorite manufacturing podcasts.

Manufacturing Happy Hour – The podcast intro says it all, “the podcast where we get real about the latest trends and technologies impacting modern manufacturers.” Host Chris Luecke recently released his 100th episode with his ten most memorable moments. It is a good sampler episode.

Why listen: The world changes fast – especially in manufacturing. Manufacturing Happy Hour is a fun way to stay up to date on current innovation trends.

Photo by Manufacturing Happy Hour

Manufacturing Talk Radio – A weekly roundup on the trends affecting manufacturers of all sizes around the globe. Host Lew Weiss, and co-host, Tim Gray get into the numbers on the latest manufacturing reports and explain how economic trends affect manufacturing.

Why listen: Economic conditions change fast and have unique impacts on manufacturing. The experts on Manufacturing Talk Radio cover the latest reports and give actional advice on how to prepare for them.

Photo by Manufacturing Talk Radio

The Manufacturing Executive – Host Joe Sullivan focuses on the growth strategies for mid-size manufacturing companies. The podcast covers a lot of content, from b2b sales excellence to marketing strategy.

Why listen: Marketing strategy is not always top of mind in manufacturing. The Manufacturing Executive is an excellent way for manufacturing executives to stay on top of their marketing strategy. With the dreaded word “recession” in the air, their recent episode on “Recession proofing your business with marketing” is a good listen.

Made in America – Made in America with Ari Santiago is an inspirational podcast with interviews with manufacturing leaders and supporters across America. Ari opens every podcast by asking his guests, “What do you make? And why do you make it?” The podcast dives into the stories behind American manufacturing with business lessons from manufacturing owners and founders.

Why listen: Made in America is a fun podcast to learn about different corners of American manufacturing and what has worked well as various executives have grown their businesses.

Aerospace and defense

Talking Aerospace Today – Talking Aerospace Today by Siemens focuses on the known and lesser-known innovations shaping the aerospace industry.

Why listen: The podcast introduces innovative technologies in aerospace like digitalization in space travel, “zero-emissions” in aerospace, and eVTOL (electrical vertical take-off and landing) aircraft. While they don’t publish new episodes frequently, the older episodes are still good summaries of these technologies.

Defense and Aerospace Report – With new episodes weekly, Vago Muradian interviews top executives and analysts to cover the latest news and topics in defense and aerospace.

Why listen: The Defense and Aerospace Report is an excellent general roundup of the latest aerospace industry news and analysis.

What are your favorite manufacturing podcasts? Send them to , and we will share them on LinkedIn or in a future blog post.

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