U.S. Winter Gear Company Thrives Despite Low-Cost Imports

Cross-country skiing in the woods

Image by an unnamed photographer on Pexels

As you ski, sled, work, or wander into the winter cold, there is a good chance this Northwest family-owned company is keeping you warm. Decades ago, the founder recognized that no one likes wet clothing. He developed a novel product to keep people warm and dry.

Recently, the company saw import competition coming in at lower prices. Instead of watching sales slip, the company’s executive team acted and applied for the federal TAA for Firms program through NorthwestTAAC.

The company gained access to a $75,000 matching fund for projects to rebuild sales on projects they defined using experts they selected. One project evaluated the company’s market position by seeking new customer segments. Another supported the launch of a new product—a third improved product packaging. And a fourth updated the company website.

Today, the outdoor company is recognized for creating quality outdoor products made in the U.S.A. By using Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms and implementing a new marketing approach, the company stabilized sales and hired several employees. They are still keeping customers warm under a new generation of family leadership.

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