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2019 Seattle Business Magazine Manufacturing Award Winners

Seattle Business magazine honored 18 pioneering companies and individuals at the tenth annual Washington Manufacturing Awards gala Tuesday night at the Hyatt Regency Lake Washington in Renton. The event attracted business leaders from across the state. “The honorees are companies with outstanding products and innovative processes,” said Leslie Helm, editor of Seattle...


Idaho Export Excellence looking for new company participants for Fall 2017

Idaho Export Excellence is recruiting for Fall 2017

The Idaho District Export Council (IDEC) is currently looking for six companies to participate in Export Excellence in fall 2017. If you are an exporter who would like to develop a proactive process for accelerating your most profitable exports, the Idaho District Export Council (DEC) will recruit six companies...

State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP) Grant Initiative renewed

The Export Voucher program, supported by a State Trade Expansion Program grant from the U.S. Small Business Administration, starts its fifth year next month helping small businesses launch or expand their export activities. STEP Grants are available through your State Department of Commerce though more information can be found at SBA STEP grants.



Grant funds open to companies that have lost domestic profit

Grant funds open to companies that have lost domestic profit By April Ehrlich -- Independent-Enterprise Oct 7, 2015 Payette County companies who have lost business to foreign competitors might be able to get some extra money to make up the loss. Eligible companies can receive up to $75,000 in matching grant funding from the...

Chamber Member Finds a Federal Nugget

June 2014 Eye on Business The Montana Chamber of Commerce There is a lot of talk around Washington D.C. these days about reviving U.S. manufacturing; assisting "Made in America" enterprises, specifically small manufacturers. These companies, especially, have taken the brunt of free trade agreements and the recession; owners trying to do more with less, often shortstaffed, lacking capital,...

Some Trade Adjustment Programs Are Very Productive

February 24, 2011 Wall Street Journal Letter to the Editor: William Perry Regarding your editorial "Free Trade Foul-Ups" (Feb. 9) and the statement that "TAA is turning into one more open-ended entitlement": There needs to be a clarification.  I am on the board of directors of the Northwest Trade Adjustment Assistance Center.  We provide trade adjustment assistance to...

Businesses Battle Overseas Competition

February 16, 2011 Idaho Business Review By Brad Carlson The demand that Fresh Air Manufacturing Co. (FAMCO) owner Marty Artis sees for his new ventures isn’t much better than the recession-battered appetite for his core wholesale business, but he’s pleased anyway. “It’s new revenue to me,” he said.  “We have the same number of remodels and housing starts.  I’m...

The Truth About China’s ‘Dumping’ Practices

January 31, 2011 SupplyChainBrain By: Robert Bowman

If you’re like me, your eyes tend to glaze over while reading stories about dumping disputes between trading partners.  Sure, you know what dumping is – the practice of selling raw materials or finished goods overseas at prices below one’s production costs, or what’s being charged at home.  But what are...